World Animal Day 2023: Programme Details

Probha Aurora is going to organise a national competition in celebration of the upcoming "World Animal Day 2023" aligned with our eco schools programme that aims to make students more aware of the environment and the elements that consist of it.

This year the topic revolves around endangered species aligned with the global theme "Great or Small, Love Them All" ,which highlights the inclusiveness and interconnectedness of all living creatures within our ecosystem.

Our objective is to educate and inspire young minds to actively engage with the issue of endangered species and drive positive change within their communities.

"World Animal Day 2023: Great or Small, Love Them All" competition will be an online based competition where students from class 6 to 10 from all over Bangladesh can participate.

All participants will receive electronic participation certificates and winners will receive achievement certificates.


QUIZ Competition

Participants will have to answer 40 quizzes in 30 minutes in the google form provided below.

There will be no negative marking for an incorrect answer Unanswered quizzes will score no marks Online quiz solving will be partnered with our domain

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Art Competition

Topic 1: "Friends of animals"

Topic 2: "Protecting endangered species"

Any type of art form is allowed

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Contextual speech

Participants will have to send us a video of them talking for 2 minutes in any of the two mentioned topics below: Topic 1: Taking care of domestic animals Topic 2: Protecting endangered species from extinction In the video, the participants must show their full face and hands. If anyone wants to cover themselves for religious reasons, they can; however, they will still have to present themselves in the video. They must look at the camera and give the speech. They should not look at any paper and read it out in front of the camera.

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The deadline for submitting the works is 6th October 2023 11:59 p.m . Any works submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. Submissions must be made in the google form which will be attached to the website. There will be first, second and third prizes for the competition which will be sent by courier to their respective addresses. Participants are requested to kindly fill in their addresses and contact information in the google form.