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Statistics about Our Activity




Idea Submit



Purpose of the Platform


Animal Friendly

Animal-friendly ideas will be selected from this platform for recognition and sponsoring.


Saving Animal

Animals also play a critical role in the ecosystems and biospheres that make life on Earth possible for humans.


Friendly Activity

Young entrepreneurs from every region of the country will be inspired through animal-friendly activities. As part of this, creative, technological and innovative ideas will be invited from them.


Necessary Support

The selected entrepreneurs will be given financial support, necessary guidance, the opportunity to present their ideas to various national and international institutions apart from providing as necessary technical support to implement the technology-integrated idea.

Thematic Topics

initiative 1


Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet

বনাঞ্চল ও জীবিকা: মানুষ ও পৃথিবীর স্থায়িত্বশীলতার জন্য সহায়ক

initiative 1


Shared Planet

সবার বিশ্ব

Our Valuable Jury


A group of important national level personalities are playing the role of judges in this initiative

Nitish Chandra Debnath

Professor Dr. Nitish Chandra Debnath

Founder Vice-Chancellor, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (Sivasu) and Founder Principal, Chittagong Government Veterinary College

Jalal Uddin Sardar

Professor Dr. Md. Jalal Uddin Sardar

Dean, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Rajshahi University

Dr. Aftab Uddin

Dr. Aftab Uddin

Public Health Specialist and Chairperson, Bangladesh Public Health Foundation

Bidhan Chandra Pal

Bidhan Chandra Pal

Chief Coordinator, Friend of Animals Platform and Founder & Managing Director, Probha Aurora

Our Valuable


A number of eminent personalities of this sector are playing supporting role in this initiative. They will try to play their special role in making the selected ideas successful.

Dr. Md. Hemayetul Islam Arif

Dr. Md. Hemayetul Islam Arif

President, Bangladesh Biodiversity Conservation Federation, Rajshahi and General Secretary, Bangladesh Livestock Society